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CES2019 Official Report! 8 Trends change the lives of all mankind

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     From 9 to 12th, the 51st session of CES was successfully held in Las Vegas, United States. CES is the abbreviation for the International Consumer Electronics Show, hosted by the American Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers (CTA), which aims to promote the close integration of cutting-edge electronic technology and modern life. As the "Olympic Games" of the scientific and technological community, CES is still hot this year, with 180,000 participants from 150 countries and regions around the world, with nearly 4,500 exhibitors.
After the meeting, organisers released a forecast report on technology trends for 2019 based on exhibition data.
In this issue of smart internal ginseng, we recommend this report, Technology trends 2019, from CES organizers, which uses core data to fully predict technology trends for global consumer electronics products. From a macro strategy point of view, we have gone through the digital age and the era of interconnection, and is about to enter the data age.
    ▲ Macro Technology Trend The scientific and technological trends seen at the CES2019 conference can be divided into three main categories, namely, basic technology, consumer-oriented technology and technology already in the market. Basic technologies include speech computing, robotics, 5G, biometric identification, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Consumer-facing technologies include digital privacy and security. Technologies already in the market include digital assistants, AR/VR, automotive technology, digital healthcare, highly adaptable technologies and physical innovation. The following are specific technical trends:
▲ces three major scientific and technological trends
1, 5G everything interconnection Brian Modof, executive vice president of Qualcomm, famously said: "We've spent 30 years connecting people, and now we're going to spend another 30 years connecting things."
▲ The development course of communication technology Now, countries have invested a lot of financial and material resources to study 5G.
▲5g Global R & amp; d Enterprise
5G elements on the
2 smart home interoperability is stronger The future of smart homes lies in interoperability and smarter.
▲ Smart Home Products Security cameras lead the new era of intelligence.
▲ Security camera
3, artificial intelligence full flowering Artificial intelligence at this conference is mainly found in IoT devices, including processing chips, embedded artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital assistants.
Artificial intelligence technology at the ▲CES2019 Conference
At this stage of voice technology/artificial intelligence has three major realities: 1, digital assistant will support mobile phones, cars and other equipment, 2, the support of digital equipment has become a bet involving services, brands, business and so on, 3, voice technology has quickly become the mainstream interface of smart home and so on. Digital assistants are already compatible with the perfect container for many devices. Amazon's Alexa, for example, has nearly 60000 features, and more than 20000 devices are compatible with Alexa.
▲ Digital assistant
▲ Amazon Alexa Voice technology has now become a bridge between people and      technology.
▲ Phonetic Technology According to research, digital assistants are changing the behavior of users. According to statistics, in the United States Internet users, the use of multi-function is a digital assistant to ask questions or conduct Internet search, the proportion is 63%, the second is to use digital assistants to view the weather forecast, 58%; 50% of the users with digital assistants to listen to music/radio; 45% of the users with digital assistants to set the alarm; 32%
Telephone calls with digital assistants; 30% of users use digital assistants to browse news; 25% of users send messages with digital assistants; 23% of users search recipes with digital assistants; and 22% use digital assistants to view personal schedules. This year LG and other companies have showcased a large number of smart home appliances, this year or will be the year of smart home appliances.
▲ Intelligent Home Appliances Through this year's exhibition, we also understand the limitations of automation technology.
▲ Automation Technology
4 ultra-HD screen era came Samsung has released qled8k Ultra HD TV this year.
▲ Samsung qled8k TV The screen size of the LCD TV has been growing steadily.
▲Average size of LCD TV screen 8K TV will be a great candidate for future machine changes.
▲ comparison of different resolution TVs.
▲ 8K Ultra HD TV in the United States shipments in recent years
Japan's NHK TV station has launched ultra-high-definition programs.
  Believes that, as a bellwether of technology in the consumer electronics industry, the CES conference represents the direction of technology in the coming year. At this year's convention, we saw 5G, AI, smart Home, Vr/ar, HDTV, autopilot and other technologies at the forefront of the trend. This also shows that the trend of consumer electronics this year will not be divorced from these areas of technology, but each technology has its development uncertainty, which technology will usher in a major outbreak this year still has a strong uncertainty, let us wait and see.