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2019 will be a very important year! Great science and technology will never forget its original intention and move forward

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2019willbeaveryimportantyear!Greatscienceandtechnologywillneverforgetitsoriginalintentionandmoveforward.  Everythingintheworldhasitsrulesandnodes.Thisyearwillnotonlybeaturningpointoftheworldpattern,bu
2019 will be a very important year! Great science and technology will never forget its original intention and move forward.
Everything in the world has its rules and nodes. This year will not only be a turning point of the world pattern, but also a turning point of life and death for many industries. It will also be a perfect year for countless ordinary people to attack back.
The junction of the three major trends here will certainly excite a wonderful spark. It will directly determine the fate of the country and a large number of enterprises, and even countless individuals.
Look first at the rise and fall of the country
Why did the United States choose to go after China at the end of 2018? Because it has been unable to face the emerging new international economic pattern, once Huawei controls the core technology, it will destroy the global industrial structure dominated by the United States and pull it down from the top of the biological chain. However, this is the general trend of history.
Because the world's hegemony is bound to change in 100 years.
Every world hegemony's strong period is about 100 years. Every other century, there will be a new hegemony in the world. No powerful country can escape the fate of decline. This law has never changed.
In 1450, Portugal opened the era of world navigation and became the world's hegemony.
In 1530, Spain inherited the spirit of navigation, replacing Portugal as the number one power.
In 1640, Spain was in chaos and the Netherlands, the sea coachman, dominated the world.
In 1720, the Dutch East India Company declined and France began to rise.
In 1815, Napoleon met Waterloo, and Britain began the Industrial Revolution to establish the Sunset Empire.
In 1919, the end of World War I, the Paris Peace Conference, the United States officially won the world.
In 2019, exactly 100 years have passed!
According to the law that the world's hegemony will change in 100 years, there will inevitably be major international events, which will lead to the reorganization of the international order. How can the United States not be in a hurry? Now the United States is like being set on fire, it has to make a final struggle.
Throughout the ages, no disappointed person is willing to accept his fate, but heaven and earth are not benevolent, and everything is a ruminant dog. The fate of man is not worth mentioning at all between the laws of heaven and earth.
Look at the ups and downs of the industry
The national cycle is 100 years and the industry cycle is 20 years.
This cycle is very precise. Let's take real estate and the Internet as examples to make a discussion.
The real starting point of real estate is the housing reform in 1998. Since then, real estate enterprises have entered the era of rapid development. Their mode is "building houses with land". This is the era of large-scale construction, which is equivalent to infrastructure construction.
Until 2018, all parties have clearly felt that this model has come to an end, Housing enterprises began to enter the era of "inventory" and "life services".
From 1998 to 2018, real estate has basically experienced a complete cycle, and the next era is beginning.
Looking at the Internet industry, it is also starting from 1998, when the four major portals were established, the Internet entered a period of rapid development, and then gave birth to Tencent/Alibaba/Baidu/Jingdong, which belongs to the era of large traffic, traffic dominates everything.
Until 2018, all parties have clearly felt that the era of traffic has passed, because traffic is becoming more and more expensive, everything that can be pulled online has been pulled over, Internet enterprises began to enter the stage of "digging users" and "service entities".
From 1998 to 2018, the Internet has also experienced a complete cycle. The era of traffic dominance has come to an end and entered the era of industrial Internet.
From the laws of these two industries, we can also summarize the trend of business change: the era of enterprises trying to obtain customers has passed, and the future must have a deep ability to serve customers.
In short, the question before us was how to develop our customers from 1000 to 10000 or even 100000. Now, the question we are thinking about is: how to make the 1000 customer service more profound / meticulous, so that they can not avoid us, and let them self-reproduction.
What will you stand on in the future?
Essentially, the most expensive thing in the future is actually "people".
We used to attract customers (people) and spend money to buy customers (people), but in the future we must have the ability to retain customers (people).
The key question is: what can we do to keep people? What can I do to keep a person's heart?
We must understand that the only long-term relationship between people is not "like" and "liked", not "depend" and "be depended on", not "gift" and "be given", but "complete" and "be completed", the best way to retain a person is to complete him.
In the future, marketing will become more and more unimportant, so it is most important to do a good job of products and services. For those who attract others by gimmick will be short-lived; those who attract others by charity will be betrayed; and those who try to attract users by some means (such as subsidies and hype) will fail.
The promotion of marketing is like the promotion of love: before you, always want to show off, just to let her see you more in the crowd; now you need a lot of hard work, let her linger.
How to use your goods or services to complete your customers? This is the ultimate question for enterprises to think about.
Passengers rush through the world, people come and go, and the frequency is faster and faster, more important than "attraction" is "stay".
Keep in mind that "flow thinking" is no longer applicable