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One of the two development trends of PVC artificial leather industry: high-end

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DefinitionofPVCArtificialLeatherIndustry  ArtificialleatherisakindofplasticproductwhichlooksandfeelslikePVCartificialleatherandcanreplaceit.Itisusuallybasedonfabricandcoatedwithsyntheticresinandvariou
    Definition of PVC Artificial Leather Industry
   Artificial leather is a kind of plastic product which looks and feels like PVC artificial leather and can replace it. It is usually based on fabric and coated with synthetic resin and various plastics. Because the synthetic resins used in artificial leather are different, the types of base materials are different, the production process is different, whether there is foaming or not and the use is different, artificial leather can be divided into many kinds. Artificial leather can be divided into PVC artificial leather (PVC artificial leather), polyamide artificial leather, polyolefin artificial leather and polyurethane artificial leather according to the synthetic resin used.
   Figure 1: Artificial leather can be divided into the following four categories according to the synthetic resins used
   Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute
II. The Development of PVC Artificial Leather Industry is Restricted by National Policy
   Since the 1970s in the People's Republic of China, PVC man-made leather has developed to a considerable scale. However, due to its weaknesses in performance and backward technology, its development has been limited in recent years. At present, the application scope of PVC man-made leather has been reduced. In 2013, the Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011 edition) issued by the Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) included the production line of light industrial PVC artificial leather in the restricted category.
Table 2: Regulations on PVC Artificial Leather Products in the Catalogue of Guidance for Industrial Structure Adjustment in 2013
   Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute
3. One of the development trends of PVC artificial leather industry: high-end
Prospective Industry Research Institute published the "Analysis Report on Production and Marketing Demand and Investment Opportunities of the People's Republic of China's Artificial Leather and PVC Automotive Leather Industry 2016-2020", which shows that there are two important trends in the development of the People's Republic of China's PVC Artificial Leather Industry: (1) PVC Artificial Leather is gradually replaced by high-end PUPVC Automotive Leather; (2) PVC Artificial Leather and Manufacturers'products are developing towards high-end. Both trends will slow down or even decrease the demand for PVC man-made leather. Prospective Industry Research Institute predicts that the demand for PVC man-made leather in the People's Republic of China will grow slowly in the next five years. It is estimated that the demand for PVC man-made leather in the People's Republic of China will be about 2.45 billion square meters by 2020.
   Table 3: Forecast of demand scale for PVC man-made leather in the People's Republic of China from 2016 to 2020 (unit: 100 million square meters)
   Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute
   In the short run, the production cost of PVC artificial leather and PUPVC automobile leather is low, and the production technology and production process are relatively simple, which can meet the needs of lower consumption groups.  Especially in some countries where people's consumption level is low and purchasing power is limited, the demand for PVC artificial leather products is large.  However, with the progress of science and technology and the provision of people's living standards, countries have been concerned about the destruction of the earth's ecological environment and the healthy and sustainable development of human economy. If the PVC man-made leather industry can not be innovated, it will inevitably get rid of the fate of being eliminated. However, some advanced manufacturers of PVC artificial leather have begun to transform to high-end products.