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Ultrafine fiber synthetic leather, Japan monopoly of the global high-end market

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Japanistheworld'smostadvancedultra-finefibersyntheticleathertechnologycountries,andmonopolyofthehigh-endmarket.   Japan'ssyntheticleatherisbasicallyultra-finefiberasrawmaterialsofhigh-gradeartificiall
   Japan is the world's most advanced ultra-fine fiber synthetic leather technology countries, and monopoly of the high-end market.
   Japan's synthetic leather is basically ultra-fine fiber as raw materials of high-grade artificial leather, and artificial leather production rate of more than 20%. The production of artificial leather in Asia reached 1,767,570,000 square meters in 2003, of which 516.56 million square meters were produced in Japan.
  Japan's ultra-fiber artificial leather not only has coke technology, other companies such as Teijin, Toray, Asahi Cheng, Mitsubishi, Zhong spinning and other companies have their own development of ultra-fine fiber artificial leather technology, and now take various measures to penetrate the Chinese market, but each other is not the same.
    Teijin can be Doris Company: Environment-friendly artificial leather, natural leather "close relatives" Teijin can be Doris Company. Teijin Lihua Company in recent years has developed an environmentally friendly artificial leather loelerⅱ, its feel similar to natural leather, the production of this artificial leather does not use organic solvents at all. Teijin invested 3 billion yen (about 240 million yuan) in the introduction of new equipment, which is said to have now been put into production. Loelerⅱ type Artificial leather, its two sides are similar to the structure of natural leather, the epidermis is not easy to wrinkle, even if the bending is not a crease, compared with the past artificial leather, with easy to process, comfortable to wear, durable, high strength characteristics.
   The product because of the use of water-soluble polyurethane, without organic solvents, so for environmental protection, is very beneficial.
   Asahi Cheng Textile Co., Ltd.: Home synthetic leather "upstart" Asahi Cheng Textile Company. Asahi Cheng Textile Co., Ltd. produces artificial leather mousse. At present, 70% of the product is used in furniture products, the company is ready to explore new uses of this product and new markets.
   The characteristics of artificial leather produced by the company: most of the polyester fibers used in ① base cloth are recycled fibers, ② polyurethane impregnation does not use organic solvents, is an environment-friendly products.
Sneakers in the field of leather: Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan "three-legged" Synthetic leather Manufacturers in Korea and Taiwan take extremely fine fiber artificial leather as the center, the production of high durability, high functional advanced differentiated materials history is longer. At the same time, according to all kinds of Italian grain production of various fashion materials of Chinese synthetic leather manufacturers, the pursuit of synthetic leather low prices, to achieve the enterprise of ultra-fiber leather, aroused the attention of synthetic leather industry. At present, in the field of sneakers, mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan to form a three-legged situation.