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2019 CES exhibition-the link between reality and the future of sci-fi

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January 8, 2019, the 52nd International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), known as the "bellwether of global Technology", was held in Las Vegas. As the world's largest consumer technology industry event, CES not only stands at the forefront of the world's new technology, but also has the broadest range of technology industry exhibitions.
More than 4,400 exhibitors from around the world, nearly 1000 speakers with their ideas and products, at the CES show to compete for dazzling skills, exchanges and sharing. It is reported that at the CES exhibition, Baidu following the release of the 2018 CES Apollo 2.0, officially announced the long-awaited Apollo3.5. In addition, Baidu's "AI Computing System" and the latest developments and plans in areas such as cloud computing and smart hardware will be released. In particular, Desai Siweigong's first information security product, developed in partnership with Baidu, was unveiled on CES, the global stage. This product demonstrates the superior performance of information security in the automotive network.
Through the car firewall, privacy protection, System thermal repair, app application protection, car security communications, tee hardware security storage, System automatic optimization and other 7 areas, set up a set of information security protection solutions, improve the car network security level, to achieve reliability, security, peace of mind. In addition to car networking products, Desai's L3-level autonomous driving system is also on display at the show.
Invista, the industry leader in Global Vision computing technology, exhibited CES with the theme "Exploring the future of autonomous driving technologies" and launched the RTX 20 series mobile product lineup at the show. As one of the best suppliers of China's self-driving tier 1, Desai is the first local autonomous driving Tier 1 supported by Invista in China. Desai has developed the L3-level autonomous driving control system based on Xavier's powerful Hardware foundation, and plans to implement the L3 class of Chinese autonomous driving in stages on the new model of Xiao Peng automobile from 2020. On the basis of cooperation at the hardware level, the two sides will also conduct in-depth exchanges in data acquisition and calibration, software development, cloud training and other levels.
It is reported that the Xavier used by Desai is Nvidia's latest AI supercomputing chip in early 2018, and the world's first mass-produced custom-made processor for advanced autonomous driving, known by the industry as "the world's most powerful SOC (on-chip system)." With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, Desai Siweigong never stopped exploring and advancing the breadth and depth of intelligent driving technology and car networking. On the basis of technological accumulation and innovation, we continue to develop forward-looking technology, through the formation of R & amp; d team at home and abroad, strengthen R & amp; d investment, give products stronger self-driving ability and safety performance, while maintaining close cooperation with industry partners, participate in the driving experience of change, for car driving to bring better intelligent solutions.