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Luoyang Shuo-Jia New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, is a professional engaged in high-performance eco-friendly synthetic leather research and development and production of High-tech enterprises. Company and Shaanxi University of Science and technology to carry out in-depth research and research cooperation, a high degree of integration of water-based synthetic leather technology, solvent free synthetic leather technology and TPU synthetic leather technology, developed a unique multi-coating assembly technology, and access to a number of national invention patents, the product failed to detect any one of the EU high degree of concern substances (SVHC), and has excellent physical and mechanical properties. Company to "innovative technology to produce value, integrity of the operation to produce benefits" as the core concept, hope that through our professional level and unremitting efforts to reshape the image of synthetic leather enterprises to high-performance environmentally friendly products to promote the sustainable development of synthetic leather industry.


Depending on the coating assembly technology, the company has developed high-performance eco-fiber leather, water-based solvent-free synthetic leather, water-based TPU synthetic leather and other products, can be widely used in automotive interiors, furniture, interior decoration, footwear, sporting goods, medical equipment, bags and other products.The company not only produces all kinds of environmental protection eco-synthetic leather products, at the same time has the ability of directional development, can be specially developed for customers with a variety of special performance of synthetic leather, but also joint customer development, customer development problems and difficulties in providing guidance to help. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit with the customers.